I Love My Life

“I LOVE MY LIFE” and the other songs on this CD reflect the journey of spirituality that has allowed me to touch Divine Love. In our world full of separation and division, I celebrate the common threads of humanity, not our differences.


I Remember

“I Remember: The Magic of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mother Earth” evokes a deep exploration into “Inspirational New Though” music. The album lends a divine invitation into the magic of remembering through a melodic journey into past lives, dreams of ancient civilizations and the power of awakening our soul’s purpose.


Let Me Make Music in Your Life

“Let Me Make Music in Your Life” produces a brilliant synergy of diverse musical styles, effortlessly weaving her contemporary pop music with subtle hints of jazz, new age, folk and Broadway flare. Her music radiates heart-felt intention and grace with empowering and uplifting message to bring to mind the power of unconditional love in every aspect of our lives.