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2018 | November 25  – Newnan Times Herald Article

A lovely article by local paper the Newnan Times Herald by MELANIE RUBERTI

2018 | November 20 D. Amari Jackson Album Review

At a time when humanity and its institutions appear to be falling down around us, there are those rare individuals gifted with voice who lift us, affirm our capacity for self-transformation, and encourage us to realize our higher collective purpose.

And so it is with the refreshing yet familiar vocals of talented songstress Cynthia Hart. The 2016 Zone Music Reporter Best Vocal Album nominee has returned with her second solo effort in three years, an inspiring and timely ten-song compilation entitled I Love My Life.

With her latest project, Hart channels a rhythmic roadmap for conscious alignment unfettered by any particular dogma or genre. I Love My Life celebrates a common spiritual path beyond our differences, a universality beyond our socially constructed identities. Consistently, Hart has emerged as a genre-blending artist whose well-timed message of oneness is as uplifting as it is broadly accessible.

Hart’s inspired vocals exude affirmation. Her voice, simultaneously classic and timeless, buoys us while melodically coaxing our own innate powers of manifestation. In doing so, Hart’s songs offer a lyrical blueprint for self-realization.

The title track, I Love My Life, speaks to forgiveness, lessons learned, acceptance and, ultimately, triumph. The song’s altered pacing—expressed via a poignant and measured opening verse that builds to a lively and infectious title hook—rhythmically reassures listeners that the mistakes of our past are mere stepping stones for our present growth and personal development.

And So It Is is an undeniable jewel among this diverse musical collection. This soothing ballad for conscious creation sprinkles Hart’s purpose-driven lyrics over a melodious piano with country music undertones for mass appeal without compromising itself or the artist who so poignantly delivers it. Hart lovingly questions and nudges us to realize our full life potential, assuring us it is well within our conscious grasp:

What is unfolding in your future? An empty canvas… are you the artist of your life? What your mind can conceive, what your heart can believe, you can achieve… you can manifest your dreams, and so it is.

Hart returns to her rock roots in The More Love There Is. The former lead singer/songwriter for the Southern pop-rock band, Dreamer, who shared stages with the likes of The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith and Tina Turner, displays her vocal versatility and reminds us why she commanded audiences across the country for 15 years as a rock-circuit staple.

The contagious, feel-good Let Your Heart Shine packs a celebration of life into four joyous minutes. A karaoke dream, this buoyant, bongo-laced crowd-pleaser will undoubtedly move a broad audience of listeners to sing along for years to come.

The unique and nuanced production underlying I Rejoice is apparent from the tune’s surprising opening bars. Its full, driving bottom interplay with ascending vibes to create a haunting melody that showcases

Hart’s capacity to vocally master a wide diversity of music. The song represents a considerable yet successful risk for an artist wholly capable of stamping her proven vocal signature on a rich array of musical foundations.

Perhaps the unitary purpose of Hart’s stellar collection is, ultimately, best represented by her sweeping-yet-soothing ballad, One Creator. The song is as classic and accessible as it is timely, as its mesmerizing keyboard and magical flute coax us to see through our fractious modern era and let a divine love in:

there’s one Creator known by many names, different pathways all lead to the same so whatever your question, whatever you find, know your Creator offers love that’s divine Let their love in

Rather than judging or warring over our differences, Hart clarifies, “I want to emphasize and celebrate what all spiritual paths have in common.”

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