August 2016
One World Music Radio | Review by Steve Sheppard

“Here is an album that should be a soundtrack for those who really need to slow
down and reconnect with all that is actually real. I Remember by Cynthia Hart
is a really happy refreshing album, one that speaks volumes for simplicity, and
her warmth and positivity are delightful to bathe in.”

July 2016
Blue Wolf Reviews | Australian New Age Lifestyle Publication | Review by Janet Mawdesley

“Haunting sounds entice you gently into a glorious creation of mellow, gentle vibration, washing over the soul, created in reverence to Mother Earth and the beauty surrounding each person, which is then enriched with wonderful poetry of thankfulness, encouraging focus and a slower, more peaceful moment to enter your soul.

As you relax into each of the compositions you can enjoy the moment which can be one of meditation, dreaming, thanksgiving or worship depending on where you are at that particular moment in time.

…This is beautiful music that will entice you to undertake a journey which encourages worship, meditation and reverence.”

July 2016
World’s #1 Music Forum

“These days there are all types of new age vocals coming at us — wordless vocalizing, Sanskrit chanting, whispery-and-mellow, various real or made-up languages, or synth-choirs.  But once in awhile we actually get to hear a real singer stand up in front of a microphone and sing some new age lyrics that he or she wrote straight from their heart.  Such is the case of Cynthia Hart, a Georgia-based new ager who previously studied opera, began her career in folk music, and then became a Southern rock queen for ten years (in the band Dreamer).

Hart now has her second solo album out, I Remember, and the title alludes to not only people and feelings she has had during her current lifetime, but also to past lives and ancient civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis (told you this is new age music).  This is soft synth-based new age music (with some acoustic instruments thrown in quietly in the background) with Hart singing (in sort of a folk-style) her original new age lyrics.

She is quite good for this genre and this style… It’s a ride that would not hurt you to take.”

June 2016

CD-Besprekingen | Review by Patrick Van de Wiele

“…This is a beautiful album of songs that make us realize that we are connected with the Earth, remember ancient places and times, remind us of the old ceremonies, and commemorate what the future has in store for us.”

June 2016
Zone Music Reporter |

“Former folk, rock and blues singer Cynthia Hart now sings soft, gentle, warm, new age music with self-empowerment, self-exploration and healing original lyrics. Her new album is titled I REMEMBER. Some of the highlights are “Music of the Earth” (all about getting close to nature and our planet), and the 8:49 epic “Sisters of the Moon” (which depicts women worshiping the earth, usually outside at night in a circle, sometimes around a fire, with rituals and ceremonies). If you want to hear some excellent, mystical, new age singing, check this one out. The music behind her singing, if you listen closely, features piano, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, flute, clarinet, harmonica, organ, horns and strings. Her lyrics celebrate life, heart, home, love, Atlantis, Lemuria, the earth, dreams, the moon, women, metaphysics, nature and spirituality. Recommended for new age music lovers who like singing and meaningful new age-oriented lyrics.

June 2016
Buzz Music | A Springboard to Great Music

“NEW AGE VOCALIST-LYRICIST CYNTHIA HART SINGS ABOUT METAPHYSICS, NATURE AND SPIRITUALITYEvery now and then there comes along a pure new age singer — lovely voice, spiritual and transcendent lyrics, and gentle-serene backing music.  Here comes CYNTHIA HART and she has the entire package.  Her second album, I REMEMBER, is out and she says the music was inspired by metaphysics, nature and spirituality.  No doubt about that when you take a listen.  This is a warm and moving recording full of cool, new agey sentiments.  The music behind her singing has piano, acoustic guitar, strings, and even some horns (most predominantly either a flugelhorn or a big-bell trumpet).  One song is titled, “I CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE,” which, of course, could be about a particular individual, but I like to think that it is the musician/singer giving back to the audience some warm and wonderful vibes and thanks.  If you consider yourself part of the new age community or lifestyle, this would be good music to check out.”

June 2016
Magle International Music Forums

“Her singing is pleasant and caring, but what catches your interest the most are her lyrics which are right in the pocket for new agers who like to explore the spiritual, metaphysical and inner-self realms….Sometimes she mixes singing with speaking which gives some of the tracks a sort of guided meditation feel.”

Midwest Record Your Net Home for Entertainment Reviews, News and Views

“A reformed southern rocker from the glory days of Southern Rock softens her stance, goes new age and does it in a credible way as she takes you on a trip to Earth to get you back in touch. Using her pop/rock chops to steer this session to new places, this is a mighty fine chick album…”